Monthly Archives: April 2014

April 23

Fighting Fire With Fire

Mood: fried EXCITING NEW DISCOVERIES in drug addiction research suggest the possibility of erasing drug-associated memories. For recovering addicts and alcoholics, contextual and environmental reminders of substance abuse (e.g. being in a bar, passing by a former drug house, seeing an old drinking buddy) can trigger intense cravings. The likelihood of a relapse increases with […]

April 11

On Being Aware

Mood: poached AT THE COMEDY CLUB last night, the comic was heckling a young woman in the audience who apparently had drunk between two and four long island iced teas.  I remembered a time when I drank between two and twenty long island iced teas at the bowling alley, and let me tell you, those […]

April 06

Who Rescued Whom?

Mood:  over-easy BASED ON MY FAILED ATTEMPTS at raising a hermit crab, a rabbit, and several cacti, I never imagined that I would end up a dog owner. A year ago, Mandy started talking about her desire to get a dog, and I almost ran for the hills. I couldn’t imagine having any more responsibilities […]