Monthly Archives: June 2014

June 28

One in Ten

Mood: hard-boiled YESTERDAY WAS National PTSD Awareness Day, but we can still be aware today. This day is, in large part, designated to encourage learning about what PTSD is, what can cause it, who can get it, how to get help—and for that information, I’ll direct you to the science portion of my website ( […]

The Sobering Truth…continued

Other people with addictions have said to me, “I can’t get better because I don’t have an amazing wife like you do, I don’t have anybody.” And my wife brought up a good point last night about my previous blog—the “letting love into your life part” is just as much (if not more) about loving […]

June 25

The Sobering Truth

Mood: sunny-side up OF ALL THE TRADITIONAL MILESTONES I’ve reached—leaving home, graduating from college, backpacking Europe, skydiving, getting married—today marks what is and will continue to be the most important milestone of my life:  sobriety. I had my first drink when I was seventeen years old on July 4th, 2003. Watching the fireworks show at […]

June 23

By the Book

Mood: meringue’d I LOVE FOLLOWING directions.  This statement may seem contradictory to my you-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do! fits that I sometimes (okay, often) throw in the face of authority.  But when it comes to written instructions, recipes, patterns, etc., I am all over it. It must have begun with my obsessive love of Legos as a kid—the instruction manuals […]

June 05

No Longer Gage

Mood: egg-centric THROUGHOUT THE HISTORY OF NEUROSCIENCE, mounting evidence of the brain’s pivotal role in modulating an individual’s personality and behavior has been revealed. The most illustrious (*and sensationalist) example of mind-body interaction was reported when 19th century railroad foreman Phineas Gage survived an iron rod propelled through his brain—an accident resulting in striking personality […]