About The Egghead Agenda

The Egghead Agenda:  There’s something rattling around in there, and if you have enough patience, it might do something cool twice a year.

Welcome to my blog!  I’ll be posting blogs on topics such as science, women, education, mental health, LGBT issues, and if you’re lucky, funny things my dogs do.

But really, this is just a journey through my brain as I try to make sense of my life as a survivor of abuse and rape , recover-er of alcoholism and addiction, contender of PTSD and anxiety, and new (not that kind of) doctor!

My book, Fortitude: A PTSD memoir, was released in September 2015.

As a neuroscience researcher at Michigan State University, I’m in a unique position of researching the very disorder with which I live—posttraumatic stress disorder. I have made discoveries about how traumatic stress affects women and men differently, both biologically and psychologically. However, no amount of scientific research will shed light onto what PTSD really is more than learning how this disorder affects every aspect of one’s life. Therefore, in conjunction with my scientific research, I openly use my blog to share stories from my life now in recovery from alcoholism, drug abuse, PTSD, eating and anxiety disorders, the whole gamut (yes, my brain was a mess). I have devoted my life and career to expanding public awareness of PTSD in order to learn effectively diagnose and treat this debilitating disorder.  Additionally, as one the first same-sex couples to receive a marriage license in Michigan, I advocate for the acceptance and equality for people regardless of sexual orientation or mental health status. My work is inspired by a drive to make sense of my life and the world around me, and my motivation to share my work is driven by my desire to help and inspire others with what I have learned.