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October 22

Forgetting trauma: doomed to repeat?

Today is the 13 year anniversary of my first rape. Technically, it was on October 25th, but it was on a Saturday—and this Saturday morning, October 22nd 2016 ,is when my body chose to remember it. I’ve written before of “anniversary reactions” in people with PTSD, and I woke up this morning thinking “holy shit, the […]

July 09

To the people who say “All Lives Matter” and “race is not the issue:”

In the wake of the recent anti-black violence, the black community has outlined ways that white folks can help support #BlackLivesMatter. In my experience, however, so many white folks aren’t even close to the “how to be a black comrade” part. So many white folks argue with each other over whether racism is really even […]

June 25

Reflections on 3 years sober

Three years ago today, I had my last drink. Well…last eight drinks. My dad always said, “If you don’t know when your last drunk was, you haven’t had it yet.” He was right. And I knew June 25, 2013 was it.   I was a year-and-a-half in to a serious, professionally-aided attempt at getting sober […]

June 09

Mindfulness is Good for Your Brain When Standing in Line (Guest post by Kelly Wilson)

This week, I’m honored to have Kelly Wilson as my guest. Kelly is a comedian and author who writes about grief, recovery, mental health, abuse, and healing. Today, she shares with us the usefulness of mindfulness, even if it does make you look like a moose.   Mindfulness is Good for Your Brain When Standing in […]

June 06

PTSD & Sleep Paralysis: How Traumatic Experiences Can Affect Sleep (Guest Post by Melissa Flickinger)

This week, I’m pleased to present an article written by the wonderful Melissa Flickinger–book marketing manager extraordinaire–about an experience I know all too well: sleep paralysis. More about Melissa later, but first her post:   PTSD & Sleep Paralysis: How Traumatic Experiences Can Affect Sleep   It began in high school, the terrifying nightmares of […]

May 27

The Reasons A Sexual Abuse Survivor Asks: Am I Permanently Damaged? (Guest Post by Rachel Thompson)

I am so excited to have the one-and-only Rachel Thompson on my blog this week to discuss one of the most challenging questions survivors of trauma face. You can read my post on the same topic over at Rachel’s blog here. Find out more about her at the end of the post, but without further ado, […]

May 19

Voices From the Past (Guest Post by Beth Schulman)

  This week, I’m excited to share a guest post written by author and teacher, Beth Schulman. Beth’s debut memoir, The Gold Mailbox, was published in March 2016. You can find out more about Beth at the end of her post, but first:   Voices From The Past   True Confession:   On Tuesday at 11am, I got back into bed to […]