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June 09

Mindfulness is Good for Your Brain When Standing in Line (Guest post by Kelly Wilson)

This week, I’m honored to have Kelly Wilson as my guest. Kelly is a comedian and author who writes about grief, recovery, mental health, abuse, and healing. Today, she shares with us the usefulness of mindfulness, even if it does make you look like a moose.   Mindfulness is Good for Your Brain When Standing in […]

May 19

Voices From the Past (Guest Post by Beth Schulman)

  This week, I’m excited to share a guest post written by author and teacher, Beth Schulman. Beth’s debut memoir, The Gold Mailbox, was published in March 2016. You can find out more about Beth at the end of her post, but first:   Voices From The Past   True Confession:   On Tuesday at 11am, I got back into bed to […]

December 18

Reality and Narcissism

When Apryl was four years old, her dad and I bought her an ice cream cone at Dairy Queen and as soon as we handed it to her, she threw it on the ground and asked for another. I wasn’t going to give in because I knew she was just testing me to see if […]

October 11

My Coming Out Story

Like most kids in fifth-grade, I started to discover my identity apart from my mother—by shaving my legs and becoming a die-hard fan of The X-Files. The show had already been on the air for a few years, so to catch up with what I’d missed, I asked my mom to buy a case of […]

March 22

To Love

*This blog is a re-post for the one-year anniversary of the (still) one and only day Michigan allowed same-sex couples to get married. The poem that follows is new.     JUDGE BERNARD FRIEDMAN STRUCK down Michigan’s gay marriage ban, making it legal for county clerks to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples on Friday, […]

July 15

Forgive or Die?

I’VE BEEN TOLD that I can be “too forgiving,” and I always wonder what that really means. Usually when people say this, they’re referring to my (hopefully past) inability to stand up for myself and tendency to put myself in dangerous situations, but neither of those things really have anything to do with forgiveness. So […]

June 23

By the Book

Mood: meringue’d I LOVE FOLLOWING directions.  This statement may seem contradictory to my you-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do! fits that I sometimes (okay, often) throw in the face of authority.  But when it comes to written instructions, recipes, patterns, etc., I am all over it. It must have begun with my obsessive love of Legos as a kid—the instruction manuals […]

May 13

A Storm to End All Storms

Mood: shirred In honor of my birthday and Mother’s Day, here is what I remember of my birth experience: I LEFT MY MOTHER long before my body was so violently torn from her.  Her pulse quickened as I floated in that deep, visceral sea of primordial soup, the calmness of which had transformed into endless […]

April 06

Who Rescued Whom?

Mood:  over-easy BASED ON MY FAILED ATTEMPTS at raising a hermit crab, a rabbit, and several cacti, I never imagined that I would end up a dog owner. A year ago, Mandy started talking about her desire to get a dog, and I almost ran for the hills. I couldn’t imagine having any more responsibilities […]

March 29

Legal Limbo

Mood: hard-boiled JUDGE BERNARD FRIEDMAN STRUCK down Michigan’s gay marriage ban, making it legal for county clerks to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples on Friday, March 21st, 2014.  As expected, the state’s attorney general immediately issued a request to suspend Judge Friedman’s ruling until federal appeals proceedings conclude.  However, there was a 24-hour window between […]