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December 15

We didn’t start the fire.

Last Wednesday, I posted about the George-Will-at-MSU debacle, in which 70,000 signatures, letters of support from over a dozen on-campus organizations, statements from faculty (including the entire history department), U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow’s support, and 30+ students/faculty/community members gathering outside of MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon’s office to deliver said signatures and read heartbreaking […]

December 10

From Ground Zero Tolerance

Journalist Geroge Will was chosen to speak at MSU commencement this coming Saturday and to receive an honorary doctorate in humanities. What has George Will done to deserve this honor? If you Google his name now, you will likely only find references to his Washington Post article in which he blatantly identifies himself as a rape apologist. […]

April 11

On Being Aware

Mood: poached AT THE COMEDY CLUB last night, the comic was heckling a young woman in the audience who apparently had drunk between two and four long island iced teas.  I remembered a time when I drank between two and twenty long island iced teas at the bowling alley, and let me tell you, those […]